1. A Refund will be made in the same currency and to the same account and/or credit card from which the funds were originally deposited. The Company is allowed to cancel the refund request in 5 business days if a Client does not provide the Company with the banking account details for a refund through wire transfer. It must be a form of an official document with stamp and logo of the Client`s Bank. The official document must include the following information: IBAN number/account number, SWIFT/BIC; routing number (if applies), Client name, Bank name and address;

2. The Company may charge a commission on deposits to the Trading Account and refunds to the Client, including fees for wire transfers in the Client’s favor. Depending on the payment solution the fee will be 25 – 50 Euro for every wire transfer. The mentioned fee will be deducted from the wire transfer.

3. Refund requests should be submitted through the Company’s website. The Company is not obligated to process refund requests transmitted by any other means.

4. In case of a refund request made by the Client, the Company shall transfer the requested amount (less any transfer fees, if applicable) within Seven (7) Business Days following the day the Client was identified by the Company subject to the Margin requirements, as set by the Company, in full.

5. The Company is allowed to cancel the refund request of the Client if, according to the Company’s discretion:

a) the remaining balance (after the refund) is not sufficient to guarantee the open trades in the Trading Account;

b) a client is not verified by the Company. The client must provide a full package of KYC documents (Identification card, Proof of address, Proof of payment: front card copy – showing only the last 4 digits, expiration date, and credit card holder name; back card copy – Showing only last 4 credit card digits and your signature);

c) a client did not provide the Company with signed in handwriting Declarations of Deposit for every deposit transaction, Bonus plan/agreement (in case if Bonus was provided);

d) a client must send required signed documents within the next 5 business days otherwise Client`s refund request may be canceled by the Company.

In exceptional defined circumstances the Company may make refunds in favor of card from which the funds came:

  • The Client was not verified within 14 business days after a card transaction;
  • The Company identified that a transaction was made by the third person.
  • The Company identified that a Client breaks accepted Client Agreement;

The company does not deduct any commissions from the card refund.