International law provisions, including ones designed to prevent money laundering, demand that providers of online trading services take extensive measures to verify traders’ identities and personal details. Gathering such information not only helps prevent fraud but also allows the trading services provider to help traders manage risk in a manner most befitting their financial situation.

Providers of online financial services are obliged to offer their services equally and without prejudice to all. In light of this, the above-mentioned measures should not make it difficult for anyone who is financially or socially disadvantaged to become a registered user, open and manage a trading account.

We are committed to highest discreetness and data security when dealing with the sensitive personal details we gather from our clients.

While complying with the guidelines described above we always maintain the highest levels of privacy and data security. We ask all who open a trading account with us to provide us with certain information, including a preferred method for depositing.

Upon depositing funds into a trading account we ask that the following documentation be provided:

Identification card – a Front and back colored copy of a valid ID card, (can be a passport or a driver’s license).

Proof of address – a Utility bill (phone, electricity, or similar) or a bank statement from the last 3 months, containing full name and address.

Proof of payment – must be provided for any new credit/debit card that is used to make a deposit to the trading account. Front side colored copy – Showing only the last 4 digits, expiration date, and cardholder name. Backside colored copy – Showing only last 4 card digits and the signature.

Declaration of Deposit Form – to be printed, filled in accordingly, signed (handwritten only) and submitted after every deposit made to the trading account. You can download the form here.