Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is designed to ensure no personal details you provide us within the course of creating a trading account or during ongoing trading activities will ever be used for anything other than what initially intended for.

We go to great lengths in order to prevent private information of any kind from ever being disclosed to anyone who may misuse them. Among other things, we use the very latest SSL encryption technology. We work exclusively with services providers who respect the terms of our privacy policy and are impeccably trustworthy. The information you provide us with is used only in the way you specifically consented to, by us directly as by any third party involved in providing you with the services you require (money transfer services for instance).

Gathering of Personal Information

Providing online brokerage and trading services requires that personal information is shared with us. Here’s a list of stages at which such gathering of information takes place:

Upon creating a live trading account or a demo one. Information gathered will include details such as full name, birth date, place of residence (including full address) and email address. Bank account and credit card details are required upon creating live trading accounts only.

Some personal details are gathered whenever a deposit is made into your trading account.

In the same manner, as with deposits, providing personal information is necessary when withdrawals from trading accounts are made.

Type of Personal Information Gathered

The personal information we gather from our users consists of nothing but details which are necessary for providing users with the trading services they require. Among such information are details such as:

Full name, address, birth date, occupation, ID number/passport number.

Description of the prior trading experience.

Documents proving the place of residence, such as receipts for paying utility bills or municipal taxes.

Information regarding financial status, such as income and assets.

Documents proving the viability of bank account details (such as bank statements).

  • Other information we must gather in order to verify legality, all at our sole discretion.

Ways In Which Personal Information Is Used

The personal information we gather is used either for ensuring the legality and/or for processing requests made by traders.

Any online brokerage and trading service provider must make use of any personal information. Such information is necessary for executing transactions such as buy/sell orders, deposits, and withdrawals to and from trading accounts. Some personal information gathered allows us to assess a trader’s financial status so that we may offer suitable services and products.

Amongst other things, we use personal information for:

Verifying details provided by a user.

Creating and running trading accounts (both live and demo ones).

For communicating with users, via email for instance.

For analyzing trading activities in order to make tailor-made offers.

For providing our users with top class trading services including personal guidance.

Privacy Guarantee – We wish to make clear that personal information of any kind, provided us by those using our services, either upon creating a new trading account or during the course of using such an account, will never be shared with any third party unless the user has given their consent to such sharing of information to occur.

Ways In Which Personal Information Is Collected

There are several ways in which personal details are provided to us:

Through the use of secure online forms.

Through uploading files to our database (a scanned document of instance)

Via automated processes (data such as IP address, type of operating system, type of browser, etc.). The use of cookies may also be made providing browser setting allow for this to occur.

Via email correspondence and attachments

Information provided by phone or in the course of an online chat with one of our service representatives.

Sharing Personal Information With Third Parties

As stated in the privacy guarantee above no sharing of information will occur without prior consent from the user it belongs to. When third parties are involved (such as a money transfer service, banks, accountants or other financial institutions), users are made well aware of this fact, and the identity of the third party is disclosed. Users are advised of the fact that information sharing with a third party will occur if they follow through with the action they intend to take.

In rare cases, we may be legally obliged to share personal information with authorities involved with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering efforts. In such cases, compensation for the information provided by affiliates, brokers, and others may occur.

Securing Personal Information

We go to great lengths in order to ensure that no personal information is compromised. Among other things the measures we take include:

Use of cutting edge encryption and access control technology, including SSL encryption and firewall.

We grant access to databases only to those directly involved with the use of details stored in them and only in a way which does not jeopardize confidentiality.

Only authorized users may gain access to trading accounts upon providing the correct user name and password.

We do not store credit card details and take no part in processing money transfers made using credit cards (these are all done directly by the credit card companies).

If you want to make any further inquiry or have a complaint, you wish to make; you may contact our customer service available 24/7 via live chat, email or phone.